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1. Ontario Common Assessment Of Need

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Community Mental Health Common Assessment Project (CMH CAP)



What is OCAN?


The Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) is a standardized, consumer-led, decision-making tool that assists with mental health recovery. 


OCAN’s collaborative, holistic approach to supporting mental health recovery is built around internationally recognized research. Strongly supported by the Ontario Mental Health sector, OCAN captures the consumer’s voice by:


·          Identifying individual needs

·          Matching these needs to existing services

·          Highlighting service gaps



OCAN is designed to:


Benefit both consumers and HSPs by:

  • Enabling consumer-led decision making at an individual level
  • Reducing repetitive information gathering
  • Standardizing, streamlining and unifying assessment
  • Providing an aggregate view of the sector to support informed decision making

Current Status

CMH CAP has transitioned to an operational phase where a provinical Steering Committee will continue to engage with the CMH sector to sustain the use of OCAN in compliance with provincial standards.  Health Service Providers (HSPs) are experiencing the value of incorporating OCAN to support client care.


Project Information


CMH CAP Final Report 2013 / PEC SMC Rapport Final 2013
CMH CAP Project Profile 2012

Common Assessment Glossary of Terms


For more information:

Pour plus d'information:


  • Raport du groupe de travail sur les clients

  • Support Centre
 | 1.866.909.5600

    "I'm in a storm and OCAN is the lighthouse giving off a beam of light"

    - A consumer's comment