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What is the Integrated Assessment Record (IAR)?A Client Centric Approach

IAR is a clinical viewer that allows authorized users to view a consenting client’s assessment information to effectively plan and deliver services to that client.IAR allows assessment information to move with a client from one health service provider (HSP) to another. HSPs can use the IAR to collaborate with other care providers and to view timely assessment information electronically, securely and accurately.

Why use IAR?

•  Promote a client-centric approach to care within the community care sectors as the information follows the client

•  Identify all HSPs providing services to a client and access to the
most recent assessment

•  Identify service overlaps and gaps to improve the quality and reliability of care

  Ensure secure transfer of personal health information (PHI) and accountability in assessment sharing

  Support networks and learning opportunities across health sectors

•  Enable faster care planning, easier collaboration (between clients and workers as well as between HSPs)

“It offers not only information at a single access point, it allows us to see trends in care and episodes which is extremely valuable in serving this community of clients.”

- Tamison Doey, MD
Chief of Psychiatry, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital

Forms for IAR Business Sustainment
To record changes to IAR accounts and business roles

To find presentations, manuals and short recordings about IAR and how to use it

Privacy and Security
For supporting your privacy and security policies for IAR