Community Care information Management

IAR Forms

Business Systems Forms

Please contact the CCIM Service Desk for a copy of the MIS and/or HRIS forms.

IAR Systems (Integrated Assement Record Documents)

IAR Quick Reference Cards for each cluster of LHINs

IAR Quick Reference Card – PDF Document, File Size: 215 KB (foldable format)

IAR Quick Reference Card for the blind and visually impaired – PDF Document, File Size: 140 KB

Provincial Data Sharing Agreement

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) – PDF Document, File Size: 2 Mb
DSA Update: name change for Consolidated Health Information Services – PDF Document, File Size: 814 KB

The Schedule A – PDF Document, File Size: 1968 KB of the DSA contains contact information for all current participants.
This document is encrypted to protect the information from computer programs, and will require a password.
When prompted for it, please type CCIM and the current year, in one word.

OTR (Online Training Resource)

CCIM provides self-paced and instructor lead trainings for community care Health Service Providers (HSP) for:

IAR Assessment Software Vendors

The following vendors have been recognized as completing compliance testing for the specified assessments below. Click on the + sign to expand the vendor list.
Assessment software offered by vendors can produce the required assessment data in the appropriate schema format. Vendor implementation and user
acceptance testing at the Health Service Provider (HSP) level is recommended.