IAR Forms

Business Systems Forms

IAR Systems (Integrated Assement Record Documents)

IAR Quick Reference Cards for each cluster of LHINs

IAR Quick Reference Card – PDF Document, File Size: 215 KB (foldable format)

IAR Quick Reference Card for the blind and visually impaired – PDF Document, File Size: 140 KB

Provincial Data Sharing Agreement

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) – PDF Document, File Size: 2 Mb
DSA Update: name change for Consolidated Health Information Services – PDF Document, File Size: 814 KB

The Schedule A – PDF Document, File Size: 2021 KB of the DSA contains contact information for all current participants.
This document is encrypted to protect the information from computer programs, and will require a password.
When prompted for it, please type CCIM and the current year, in one word.

OTR (Online Training Resource)

CCIM provides self-paced and instructor lead trainings for community care Health Service Providers (HSP) for: